The Future Success of Plaintiff Firms is Online

The Future Success of Plaintiff Firms is Online

The Plaintiff legal industry has become increasingly more competitive in recent years and the trend will continue in 2020. The marketplace is crowded with attorneys, all vying for the same consumers looking for legal advice. 

Now, more than ever before Plaintiff marketers need to direct their lawyers to focus on the fundamentals of B2C marketing. One of the primary goals is to identify, understand and meet the needs of the consumer, and yet we often find our attorneys still count on referral relationships for new business. While referrals are still important, most potential clients are buying legal services in the same way they shop for everything else:  online. 

The more successful firms are moving marketing dollars away from meals and entertainment and investing heavily in digital marketing, engaging directly with consumers where they live. Read my article on budgeting for more information.


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