Our Service Offerings

Project Management

Outsource the tedious, yet important job of ensuring all elements of your project are professionally managed. 


With over 30 years of professional marketing experience we are able to effectively dive in to diagnose, recommend and implement changes facing your firm.

Content Management

Content is king and needs to managed properly to bring more potential clients to your website.  The key to success is to create a regular schedule and write on topics of interest to your audience in a language they understand. 

Intake Management

You invest considerable money in marketing to fill your sales funnel. Maximize your investment by ensuring your intake process effectively converts leads into file openings. 


CMO on Demand

Some firms find it necessary or helpful to bring in temporary senior marketing assistance.

Hiring a caretaker while recruiting a  new director makes sense, as well using an experienced marketer to set a strategy and manage on a part time business.